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Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach 1993

  1. Seven years later, on July 31, 1993, Father Kolvenbach promulgated Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach [3] that aimed to complement and build upon the Characteristics document. Recognizing the diverse settings of Jesuit schools, Ignatian Pedagogy put forth a flexible approach based on broad principles from the Spiritual Exercises.
  1. Aimed at teachers, it recommends a five-dimension style to teaching:
    1. Possessing an astute understanding of the context in which teaching takes place;
    2. Creating experiences that stretch the intellect and imagination of students;
    3. Fostering an on-going habit of reflection to go deeper into any experience;
    4. Providing opportunities to put the values and skills acquired into action, so that some positive transformation in the learner, the teacher and the world happens. This action is to be in service to the Gospel, as Saint Ignatius claims love is shown more in deeds than in words;
    5. Engaging in rich, multifaceted assessments of teaching and learning, coupled with a willingness to change and modify as appropriate.
  2. Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm Dimensions

Exercise 2. For discernment:

  1. How have you or your institution practiced Ignatian Pedagogy?
  2. What benefits have you received as a result of your use of Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm?
  3. What difficulties have you encountered in its implementation?
  4. How will you or your educational apostolate use it in the future?