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A Living Tradition​​The Current ICAJE Members

The Current ICAJE Members

José A. Mesa, SJ
Chair, International Secretary for Education (Secondary and Pre-secondary) of the Society of Jesus

William Muller, SJ
Executive Director of JSN (Jesuit Schools Network), Conference of Canada and the USA

Ilse Dekker
Director of JECSE (Jesuit European Commission for Primary and Secondary Education)

Sunny Jacob, SJ
Secretary for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education for JEASA (Jesuit Educational Association of South Asia)

Saúl Cuautle Quechol, SJ
President of FLACSI (Latin American Federation of Jesuit Schools)

Johnny Go, SJ
Secretary for Education JCAP-Education (Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific), Assistant for Mission & Identity, Secretariat for Education.

Joseph Arimoso, SJ
Coordinator JASBEAM (Jesuit Association of Secondary and Basic Education in Africa and Madagascar)


Catharine Steffens
Global Initiatives Assistant

Rafael Galaz
Special Projects Assistant

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Éamonn McGuinness
Community Director of Educate Magis