An Excercise in Discernment

  1. This document is for everyone who partakes in our mission of education because everyone, each of us, lay and Jesuit, and all of us in community, are responsible for the world. Our schools and each of us, individually, have been blessed with this task.
  2. The purpose of this document is to invite all stakeholders of Jesuit schools to begin, continue or renew a process of discernment as the way to proceed in response to our historical context, our roots and our identity. We are aware, as never before, of the everchanging nature of history, the acceleration of change and the many challenges we face. However, we are also called to rediscover that our Ignatian heritage provides us with the appropriate instruments to find God in this context and to continue offering quality education in the humanist Jesuit tradition of preparing students to become agents of change at the service of the common good.
  3. We ask that the directors of our educational ministries set aside the time and organize a process for our faculties and staffs to participate in a discernment on each of the 28 sections that call for reflection and actions for the greater good. Tuis discernment must be seen as a continuation, in general, of our living educational tradition and in particular as a continuation of the discernment called for by the JESEDU-Rio2017 Action Statement and the Universal Apostolic Preferences.
  1. This is a huge commitment of time for our institutions and it is essential. To engage in thoughtful, prayerful conversations, to discern our way within and for our institutions; then to communicate and collaborate with our global network is essential. Listen to one another across the regions; strengthen our ties; work to achieve the greater good. Set in motion what we can do as our Gospel response to the new signs of the times.