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Why is Global Citizenship important in today’s world and in a Jesuit Context?

“the Global dimension has always been part of the mission of the Society of Jesus. From the beginning, in the 1500’s, St. Ignatius and his fellow missionaries travelled the world, wrote letters to each other speaking about the experiences they were having, and the schools learned more about the world around them. Although our world has changed, this aspect of our mission has not. Arguably, it is more important now than ever, as we live in an increasingly interconnected world.”

(José Mesa, SJ, Secretary for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education, Society of Jesus)

“We have enormous capacity to awaken hope in our world, contributing to the formation of men and women who are just, true global citizens.”

Father General Arturo Sosa, SJ, JESEDU-Rio2017

Global Citizenship for your School and Classrooms

Bring Global Citizenship to your School and Students



You can make your lessons more global, regardless of what subject you teach, by incorporating a global dimension. Open your students’ eyes and hearts to the world around them!

Here are some tools and resources to get you started:


Adopt the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm when bringing Global Citizenship to your classrooms. The IPP is an approach to teaching influenced by the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. The three main elements are Experience, Reflection and Action. A pre-learning element (Context) and a post-learning element (Evaluation) are also necessary for the method’s success.

Learn More About IPP


The materials above mainly come from Jesuit schools around the world. Please share any Global Citizenship experiences or resources that you have found helpful with your fellow Jesuit and Ignatian educators in the six regions of the world.

Help inspire others!

Share Your Experiences

Be intentional in how you bring Global Citizenship to your School

Include Global Citizenship in your plans for the next school term. This simple ‘Plan-Do-Review’ Cycle aims to give you some ideas on how to create an intentional approach to introduce Global Citizenship to your school in a sustainable way. Feel free to mix and match ideas from this ‘Plan-Do-Review’ template to your own school planning approaches.

  • Plan Develop a plan to introduce / expand Global Citizenship Education in your School.
  • Do Use the Resources provided to carry out Global Citizenship experiences and initiatives in your school.
  • Review Review the recent Global Citizenship experiences in your school compared to any objectives you have set and decide where to go next.

The Template will give you ideas to:

Develop an intentional approach to bring Global Citizenship Education to your School
Establish the context and needs within your own school
Set objectives for the academic term / year

The Template includes links to:

  • Resources and Suggestions for training your faculty in Global Citizenship within a Jesuit context
  • Classrooms Materials for your teachers to use with their students

Download the Template

Share your Global Citizenship Education Plan to help other School Leaders