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Global CitizenshipAbout The Taskforce

In 2019, a Global Task Force on Global Citizenship was convened by the Secretariat of Education (Secondary and Pre-Secondary). The Task Force united the diverse voices and realities of the six geographical regions of the Global Jesuit Network of Schools, along with JRS-Education and Fe y Alegría.

Working together in a collaborative, creative and inspiring process, this Task Force offers the foundational road map on these pages, integrated into the work previously published by Educate Magis, as the Global Network steps forward together on the path of Global Citizenship: An Ignatian Perspective.


Catharine Steffens
(United States of America)

Educate Magis

Ciara Beuster

FLACSI (Latin & Central America)

Rafa Galaz

Pedro Risaffi

JECSE (Europe)

JASBEAM (Africa & Madagascar)

Arthur Garande

Osaretin Jonah

JSN (North America)

Dan Carmody
(United States of America)

Marianne Gallagher
(United States of America)

JEASA (South Asia)

JCAP (Asia Pacific)

Jane Cacacho

Jennie Hickey

Fe y Alegría