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Global Citizenship

Ignatian Historical and Contemporary Context

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Global Citizenship: An Ignatian Perspective is a stop along a journey that began with St. Ignatius of Loyola so many years ago. This graphic is a visual representation of the historical and contemporary context of that journey.

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“We should be able to put together educational programs that help us to think and act locally and globally, without dichotomies between the two dimensions”

The Global dimension has always been part of the mission of the Society of Jesus. From the beginning, in the 1500’s, St. Ignatius and his fellow missionaries travelled the world, wrote letters to each other speaking about the experiences they were having, and the schools learned more about the world around them. Although our world has changed, this aspect of our mission has not. Arguably, it is more important now than ever, as we live in an increasingly interconnected world

José Mesa, SJ, Secretary for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education, Society of Jesus