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“This community, transcending boundaries and borders, opens a new way of proceeding for our schools in service of the Jesuit mission: companions of reconciliation and justice – with God, within humanity and with creation (GC 36 Decree #1).”
(Text taken from the Educate Magis Mission)


The Mission of Educate Magis is to nurture a vibrant online community connecting educators from Jesuit and Ignatian schools around the world.

This community, transcending boundaries and borders, opens a new way of proceeding for our schools in service of the Jesuit mission: companions of reconciliation and justice – with God, within humanity and with creation (GC 36 Decree #1).

Educate Magis is dedicated to answering the call of the Society of Jesus to become a “universal body with a universal mission”, enabling educators in our global school network to collaborate in solidarity as a global community.


Over the ten year Universal Apostolic Preference (UAP) period (2019 to 2029), Educate Magis, the global online community of Jesuit and Ignatian educators,aspires to empower our global network of schools to continue the process of renewal, innovation and re-imagination of the Living Traditionof Jesuit Education through the lens of the UAPs.

Educate Magis will continue to share programs and resources available in our global network, as well as facilitate the buildof new ones through global collaborations,with a view to supporting Jesuit schools in their commitment to:

  • being Catholic and offering in-depth faith formation in dialogue with other religions and worldviews
  • educating for Global Citizenship
  • educating for Justice and caring for all Creation
  • being a Global Network at the service of the Mission of the Society of Jesus


Join our vibrant global community of Jesuit Educators from around the world.



Click the ‘Join Us’ button on our homepage and fill in a few required details which will allow you to become a member of the Educate Magis community.



Once you are a member of the community you can personalize your profile as you wish. This allows you to determine how you would like others to see you and what information you would like to share with fellow community members. 



Being a member of the Educate Magis community will allow you to contact other community members, join groups of educators in similar areas/networks as you, start and join discussions with other members, send requests to schools you would like to collaborate with and download resources shared by the community. 

Are you looking to inspire other educators to join and benefit from being part of Educate Magis?

Here are a couple of suggestions on how to use this platform as well as some ideas to share the benefits of being part of this vibrant global community. To see more suggestions and tools go to the “SPREAD THE WORD” page.

A popular way to present Educate Magis is in school meetings, through emails and / or school events, for this we recommend you to Walk through the Educate Magis platform using an interactive self-guided infographic, or to Promote the global dimension of your Jesuit School, and what it’s unique about Jesuit Education by downloading, personalizing and using the infographic: “Our Global Dimension”.

Another way to spread the word is by Printing and hanging the Global Schools Map and / or the Global Activities Posters on your school walls.  These are just a few options to help you spread the word about Educate Magis. To see more suggestions we invite you to visit the “Spread the Word” page.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not have to pay to join the Educate Magis community. The community serves to share, discuss, collaborate, learn and grow together. If you have a genuine interest in Jesuit Education and global collaboration we would love you to join the community!

Educate Magis is being funded by anonymous donations which have been pledged to start, run and operate the online portion of the community for the first five years.

Educate Magis is sponsored by the Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education for the Society of Jesus, Rome.

Éamonn Mc Guinness – Part-Time Voluntary Director

Ciara Beuster – Global Community Facilitator

Gellért Merza – Web Content & Staff Formation Specialist

Mark Cummins – Web Developer

Karina Zapata-Roche – Digital Communications and Marketing Specialist

In addition, Fr. José Mesa S.J. and Dan Carmody are on our Board of Directors and International Steering Committee and work closely with us. 

The Educate Magis team are based in Galway, Ireland. 

If you would like to join the Educate Magis community simply click the ‘Join Us’ button on our website and fill in a few details. If you are interested in contributing content or in volunteering in another way please visit this page and fill out the short form. We look forward to meeting and working with you! 

Our initial target audience are; interested educators in our schools, Jesuit Education Delegates, existing networks (eg. regional networks, school networks, school associations) and school managers. Depending on how the Community grows our target audience will eventually include all educators in our schools, students and educators in the home (i.e. parents and family).

To share an idea about a project please go to conversations. Here you can post a message or invitation which will be seen by all members of the community. 

We would be delighted to receive resources from you! To submit a blog article visit the Global Stories page and click on the ‘Send us your News’ button on the right hand side. To submit a Lesson Plan or another resources visit the All Resources page and click on the ‘Submit a Resource’ button on the right hand side. 

There are many areas where you can translate content to any language. When you are reading an article from the Global Stories, look for a button on the top right called ‘Translate‘, choose your preferred language and click translate. This button is also available on the My community Page, in Conversations and in Groups.

In the main navigation of the website choose ‘Schools’ and then ‘Profiles’. This is an index of all the Jesuit and Ignatian schools from the Global Network. Each profile has contact information.

As of 2017 we have 845 schools which can be seen on the Global Map of Jesuit and Ignatian Schools.

To submit updates or changes to either the Global Map or the School Profiles please contact us on the following email: [email protected] 

Thank you for asking this question! Please visit this page to find out more about our volunteer program and register your interest. 

Ciara Beuster is the Educate Magis Global Community Facilitator. To contact her, send an email to [email protected] or alternatively, click here to send a contact form to the team. 

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