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This community, transcending boundaries and borders, will open a new way of proceeding
for our schools in service of the Jesuit misión, a faith that does justice.
(Text taken from the Educate Magis Mission)


The Mission of Educate Magis is to create a vibrant online community that will connect educators from our Jesuit and Ignatian schools around the world.

This community, transcending boundaries and borders, will open a new way of proceeding for our schools in service of the Jesuit mission, a faith that does justice.

Educate Magis is dedicated to answering the Society’s call to become a “universal body with a universal mission”, enabling us to collaborate in solidarity as a global community.


Over the next five years, Educate Magis aspires to:

  • Connect Jesuit educators from around the world.
  • Facilitate relevant and innovative conversations.
  • Provide a forum for the sharing of exciting content and the co-creation of new content.
  • Allow for collaborative efforts that span our network.

-This vision, rooted in the long tradition of Jesuit education, allows for new and unique ways of proceeding that advance and renew our universal mission.
-This vision exemplifies what the whole of our network can accomplish by working together as a global community.

Join our vibrant global community of Jesuit Educators from around the world.



Click the ‘Join Us’ button on our homepage and fill in a few required details which will allow you to become a member of the Educate Magis community.



Once you are a member of the community you can personalize your profile as you wish. This allows you to determine how you would like others to see you and what information you would like to share with fellow community members. 



Being a member of the Educate Magis community will allow you to contact other community members, join groups of educators in similar areas/networks as you, start and join discussions with other members, send requests to schools you would like to collaborate with and download resources shared by the community. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not have to pay to join the Educate Magis community. The community serves to share, discuss, collaborate, learn and grow together. If you have a genuine interest in Jesuit Education and global collaboration we would love you to join the community!

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