Our Global DimensionCustomisable Infographics

Are you looking to promote the Unique Traits of your Jesuit School?

We invite you to download, personalize and use the Infographic: "Our Global Dimension". A graphic tool to communicate what it's important and unique about Jesuit Education.

There are two versions of the Infographic. One is printable as a roll-up banner and the other is an HD interactive version. Both can be used in open houses, school events or in your classrooms.

Our Global Dimension: Printable Roll-Up Banner

This large format 85 x 210 cm banner can be personalized with you school’s crest, website and global projects.

Please note: your will need Adobe Illustrator to edit this file. If you do not have Adobe Illustrator we recommend you share the file with your printer and they can make the changes on your behalf.

Our Global Dimension: Interactive HD Infographic

This high resolution Word document can be updated with your school’s crest, website and global projects and exported as an interactive PDF file to share on your website or used in presentations.

“One of the things I love about the infographic is that it helps us identify and relate to others and our Jesuit identity as a Catholic Jesuit High School. The story of Ignatius, the history behind his journey, his experiences that led him into this idea of finding God in all things and a faith that does justice and so as the new companions joined him in this journey the next thing you know they’re spread out around the world and that begins a process of a global reach to spread the word of God but to go out and make a difference to be that servant leader that we all want for our students today”

Mike Ward

Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations - Brophy College Preparatory, United States

About the Project

The Admissions Directors at Brophy, Fordham Prep, and Regis Jesuit schools have been working with Educate Magis to create an Admissions Infographic highlighting the features of Jesuit schools, one of which is the global connectedness of Jesuit schools around the world. The Infographic “Our Global Dimension” is a project inspired to emanate what it is important and unique about Jesuit Education. In this video Brian, Mike and Paul,  walk us through the project and give us some ideas on how and where to use this practical, academic and inspiring tool.