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Global Network of Jesuit Schools

These maps have been produced by the Educate Magis team to help us all understand the richness and diversity of the global community of Jesuit and Ignatian secondary and presecondary schools and Educational Projects worldwide.

The Educate Magis Interactive and Printable Schools Map includes the Jesuit and Ignatian schools that belong to the regional Jesuit Education Networks. For a list of Networks please see here.

These maps are based on the Winkel Tripel projection. They have been designed with a “vector technology” so that they can be printed in high quality in virtually any size to best suit your purpose. spacing

The maps are downloadable in different formats to be either printed (PDF, AI, EPS) or included in a presentation or website (PNG) and come in two distinct designs*


1. Small Map

The Small Map shows the Schools and Educational Projects in the six Jesuit Regions of the world and contains a basic legend. This small map is designed to be printed in your school on a small sheet of paper and might for example be used in classrooms or for parent meetings. It is available in PDF and PNG formats. Please click the map thumbnail above to see the downloadable files.

* Last Published in March 2016


2. Large Map

The Large Map shows the Schools and Educational Projects in the six Jesuit Regions of the world and contains a more detailed legend with all of the Jesuit Schools listed by Region and Country. It also highlights the Fe y Alegría Schools and Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Educational Projects by country and number of Schools/Projects. This map is designed to be brought to a local print shop who will be able to print it as a large poster in the size you choose. It is available in PDF, AI, EPS, PNG (photo) file formats. Please click the map thumbnail above to see the downloadable files.

This short video presents the Global Map Project in the historical context of Jesuit Map making, with the collaboration of Jesuit historian Prof. John O’Malley SJ. The “Photos” section features pictures with the Map from Schools from around the world.

Prof. O’Malley highlights the achievements of Jesuit cartographers of the early modern era in Latin America and China and their contribution to Jesuit education of their time. A selection of photos with the Educate Magis Global Map from the six Jesuit regions of the world illustrates the sense of belonging to the Jesuit and Ignatian network of schools. It also emphasises the fact that, in the words of Nadal, “the world is our house”. Since its publication at the end of March 2016 the Global map became literally global, finding its home in schools and Jesuit organisations across the world.

We have created an Album in the new Photos section entitled “The World is our Home – Photos with the Global Map” where we are collecting pictures with the map. We hope to keep updating this album, with more photos from around the world.

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Locate and learn more about the worldwide Jesuit and Ignatian schools online. The Educate Magis Online Map is available in interactive form and can be applied to your website.

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The Interactive or Online Map of Jesuit Schools is available to be embedded in a website, using the Educate Magis Map
Please use the following code:

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Here is a link to a codepen, which allows to determine basic map options to suit your website’s needs:

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The Global Network of Jesuit Schools is growing and evolving every year, and it is our aim to develop these maps to illustrate our continuing growth. Your feedback on how we can improve this Global Map is always welcome.

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