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COVID-19Resources From The Global Community

Here is a compilation of resources, experiences, recommendations and classroom materials some of you have found useful and have generously taken the time to share with your colleagues around the world. Thank you!

The following are experiences and recommendations which teachers have shared on how they have learnt from the current situation and which you might find helpful.

Thomas Powers, United States of America | Aug 11th, 2020

Reflection on Racial Justice at Saint Peter’s Preparatory School Prayer Service
Recently, during a Zoom prayer service at our school, a colleague, Robin Walters, Freshman Guidance Counselor at the school, shared a reflection on the joys and sorrows of racial justice growing up on the East... Go To Global Story

Esli Navarrete Cisneros, Mexico | Aug 10th, 2020

Un Verano para Re-humanizarnos
En una educación como la nuestra, los objetivos pueden ser distintos de cada área, pero jamás podemos abandonar la esencia de nuestros esfuerzos por ser humanizantes, “hacer sentir al otro más humano” escribe Cristobal Fones... Go To Global Story

Odalis Migdalia García giménez, Ecuador | Aug 4th, 2020

El uso de simuladores, una alternativa para motivar y promover aprendizaje significativo en estudiantes de Biología
En este artículo comparto la unidad didáctica ”Laboratorio de Enfermedades” que propone trabajar en el contexto de la ejecución de un simulador, el cual permitirá a los estudiantes aprender a resolver problemas y al mismo... Go To Global Story


Iniciativa “Recargatón” – La Escuela de las Posibilidades
La época de pandemia ha sido una oportunidad de reconocer las bondades que tiene trabajar en una institución como el Colegio San Pedro Claver, espacio de formación donde toda la comunidad educativa tiene el deseo,... Go To Global Story

Johana Quintero Guerrero, Colombia | Jul 23rd, 2020

La Educación en los Tiempos del COVID
Me gustaría compartir el siguiente artículo escrito por la Lic. Ligia Vitoria Gélvez, Coordinadora Académica de la Sección Infantil del colegio San Pedro Claver de la ciudad de Bucaramanga en Colombia. “Da tu primer paso... Go To Global Story

These Ignatian reflections, prayers and resources have been created in response to the current situation. We hope you, your colleagues and students find these helpful. If you have similar resources please do share them!

Stay Healthy! - Resources for the Soul

These days we often hear others and ourselves say “Stay healthy!” and it is indeed great advice and encouragement. Staying healthy mentally and spiritually is key to help us get through this challenging time. Thankfully there are many encouraging and creative initiatives, articles, videos, reflections and prayers from our schools, our Ignatian family and beyond that can help us to take care of our minds, to stay grounded and to pray and reflect to raise our spirits.  Read this Global Story

The Preferences in a Time of Uncertainty and COVID-19

Fr. General Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, addresses Jesuits, Jesuit partners, and people of good will around the world in talking about the challenges of looking forward in a time of uncertainty. Watch this Video

10 Ignatian Tips for Coping with Coronavirus

St. Ignatius Loyola was a survivor, he survived a major life-threatening injury, convalescence, life begging on the road and times of great uncertainty. He developed an approach to ‘living through difficulty’ based on his experience and using certain rules of thumb. Based on these insights, I humbly offer some reflections and practical advice which may be of help. Read this Reflection

An Examen while in Quarantine

The tradition of praying the Examen develops in us a greater self-understanding and more importantly, a growing awareness of how God is actively involved in our lives. In this video you will find a guide through an Ignatian Examen specifically designed for reflection during this time while many of us are in quarantine and adapting to different living and working situations. Watch the Examen

Do you have Ignatian reflections and resources that could be of help to students and educators?

Students from our Jesuit schools are sharing their reflections on how they are living and experiencing the current situation. We would love to add your students’ reflections too. Click here for more information. 

Jozée Desrosiers, | Jul 3rd, 2020

Réflexions d’élèves dans le cadre du projet mondial “Une journée de ma vie sous Covid – 19”
Je suis enseignante de français, langue seconde, au collège Loyola High School de Montréal, situé dans la province de Québec, au Canada. Depuis la mi-mars, j’enseigne à distance et bien sûr j’ai trouvé important d’offrir... Read these Reflections

Greta Caneva, Australia | Jun 23rd, 2020

Students’ Reflections Part 3 – Burke Hall – Xavier College, Australia
I am delighted to share more students thoughts and Visible Thinking Routine called Colour, Symbol, Image as part of the Global Student Stories Project ”A Day in my Life: living under the Covid-19 Pandemic”. We... Read these Reflections

Greta Caneva, Australia | Jun 22nd, 2020

Students’ Reflections Part 2 – Burke Hall – Xavier College, Australia
I am delighted to share more students thoughts and Visible Thinking Routine called Colour, Symbol, Image as part of the Global Student Stories Project ”A Day in my Life: living under the Covid-19 Pandemic”. We... Read these Reflections

Greta Caneva, Australia | Jun 21st, 2020

Students Reflections as Part of the Global Project “A Day In My Life Living Under Covid – 19”
Global Engagement is one of Xavier College’s 7 Pillars-what does it mean when we discuss Global Engagement and why is it important?  Global Engagement for us as educators and our students, it means we internationalize... Read these Reflections

Mary Howard, Australia | Jun 18th, 2020

Students’ Reflections Part 4 – Xavier Catholic College, Ballina, Australia
More students have shared reflections on the experience of the pandemic,  as part of the global student project “A Day In My Life Living Under Covid – 19” .   A Day in my Life:... Read these Reflections
Global Student Project A Day in My Life: Living Under COVID-19

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