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Resources/Ignatian Spirituality

An Examen while on Quarantine

Examen, Ignatian Spirituality

By Harvey Mateo, S.J.
Mar 30th, 2020

The Consciousness Examen, a practice endorsed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, invites the person to look back on the day, pay attention to how God has been present through his or her many experiences, and to get in touch with one’s response or lack of response to His invitation. The tradition of praying the Examen develops in the person a greater self-understanding and more importantly, a growing awareness of how God is actively involved in their lives. The Ignatian ideals of “finding God in all things” and “discernment” are only possible if one becomes attuned to God’s presence in the ordinary and the everyday.

MUSIC: Hide Not Your Face (Psalm 27); From Vespers 5 Day is Done; Fr. Arnel Aquino SJ; Jesuit Music Ministry