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Cora Antonio from Bellarmine College Prep in California, United States and Maria Oliva Garcia de Cassasola from Colegio San José de Villafranca in the South of Spain invite everyone to join “Part II” of their initial project, ‘A Day in My Life: Living Under the COVID-19 Pandemic’, as a way to “journey with the youth” during these troubled times.

Here is the invitation from Cora and María Oliva. We look forward to receiving your students’ stories to info@educatemagis.org with the Subject line ‘Student Stories Part II’. We will then post them on Educate Magis.

Covid-19 Return to School

As we return to school for the new school year, educators and students alike have had to face new challenges. The summer saw a flurry of activities as educators and administrators have prepared for all to return to campus under the new restrictions that each of our countries have deployed to ensure a safe return to campus. Whether we have returned in-person or remotely, we have had to prepare our campuses, lesson plans, and minds to include these updated restrictions. We know that our stories are equally important as they were at the onset of the pandemic.

To honor and include this part of our journey with our students, we are deploying “Part II” of our initial project that can be found here. (Here is the link where you and your students can read their peers’ stories from other schools and countries from Part I.) For Part II, here is an option for instructions for you to use in your classrooms.

My Return to School
Under the Covid-19 Pandemic

While we were hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic would have been over by now, that is not the case. Returning to school has challenged us to face this new year with a different set of circumstances all over the world. Let us encourage each other by sharing our stories with each other. By doing so, we will remember that we are not alone on this journey.

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24

Instructions for students:

Reflect on your own experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically with the recent return to school situation. What has it been like for you? Here are some possible questions to consider:

  • What changes have you experienced in your “return” to school?
  • How have these changes been similar or different to what you were expecting or were
  • What new rules have been challenging for you?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how schools can make your experience better? – Explain.
You can respond in one of three ways:
  1. Written Only – Write 1-2 paragraphs in response to the prompt.
  2. Picture & Written – For the picture, you may create a picture or use a piece of art that you have created in the past that you think is representative of your narrative. The picture can be drawn or created digitally. You must include a one paragraph explanation with your picture.
  3. Video – You may create a video of yourself responding to the prompts. It may have music and other memories interwoven into it.
  4. Make sure you include your NAME (first name only) & AGE are included with your submission.

Teachers: As with the previous iteration of the project, submit your student stories to  info@educatemagis.org with the Subject line ‘Student Stories’. They will then post them on Educate Magis. Thank you!

Here is the link where you and your students can read stories from students in other schools and countries.