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Food Waste Audit

Equality and Social Justice, The Environment
Feb 18th, 2020

This Lesson Plan teaches students about food production and the issue of food waste. It is a food waste audit performed with both Grade 10 and Grade 12 students. In the Grade 10 course this assignment is used near the beginning of the ‘Agriculture/Food Production’ unit as a tool to help measure the students ‘normal habits’. Near the end of the unit, when the food waste audit is completed, a lesson is taught about food waste which serves as something of an eye-opener for most of the Grade 10 students. In the Grade 12 course the same audit is used while diving deeper into issues such as food production, distribution, food access inequalities along with some possible solutions to food waste. This can also be tied in with the Ignatian Solidarity Network Lenten Food Waste Fast  

English 16-18 YRS Science Food, Plants, Ecosystems Caring for the Environment

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