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Dignity of Every Human Being

By Ciara Beuster
Mar 18th, 2020

For “asynchronous” class meetings (students access the course materials online at a time of their choosing and interact with each other over a longer period of time), Cora has created a Powerpoint on Human Dignity where she included voice-overs on some slides to assist students with their remote-learning. We are experiencing a time where many have lost sight of the need of compassion. Let us walk with the excluded, among those include the elderly, those with autoimmune disorders, those with chronic diseases and respiratory diseases, those with cancer, those without work, and so many more. They need our compassion. Also included here is a Word Document with some reflections for the lesson.

Source: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San José, United States

Author: Cora Antonio

English 13-15 YRS Theology Equality & Fairness

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