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The Universal Apostolic Preferences. The fruit of a process of discernment.

“There can be a temptation to rush ahead, or to fit what we are already doing into the Preferences, or to tick the boxes to affirm our current plans. But by doing this we would miss the call to a deeper conversion and to a deeper renewal; we would miss the magis. If the Preferences are truly to be a dynamic path that can guide us for the next ten years, then beginning the journey patiently and prayerfully is of the utmost importance.” Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ

We are invited to discern an approach to respond to these Universal Apostolic Preferences.

REFLECT on the Apostolic Preferences

Pray and deepen your understanding of the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

SHARE through Spiritual Conversations

Speak with others and listen to them about the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

DISCERN with your Community

Discern in community how to respond to the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

PLAN with Apostolic Planning

Define apostolic strategies for your school to act on
the Apostolic Preferences.


“The Universal Apostolic Preferences are a call to conversion.

They are an invitation to rethink how we live, how we work and how we relate to the people we serve.”

Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ.

If you wish, watch this short video and read this letter on the Universal Apostolic Preferences. Watch and read them prayerfully.

What if God spoke to you?

In this short video Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ explains the new Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Watch Video

The Official letter by Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ

This is the official letter by Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ presenting the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Read Letter


Spend some time praying and reflecting on this question:

In what ways are we being called to respond to the Universal Apostolic Preferences in the way we live, work and relate to the people we serve?

48 minutes presentation by Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ.

Interview with Fr. John Dardis SJ, General Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning.

A basic condition for the preferences to work, from the Curia Generalizia della Compagnia di Gesù.

Universal Apostolic Preferences #UAP by Fr. Arturo Sosa, S.J.

Slide deck about the UAPS with questions for reflection and analysis by Fr. José Mesa, SJ.

Prayer services on the four Preferences by JEASA, Bombay Province.


“What we share in spiritual conversation are personal experiences. Spiritual conversation is the practice of finding God in those experiences while paying attention to our emotions, desires and dreams.”

Luz Marina Díaz, PhD.

On this First Round, you are invited to share with your group your reflections on this question:

In what ways are we being called to respond to the Universal Apostolic Preferences in the way we live, work and relate to the people we serve?

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First round
Personal Sharing

Active listening

  • Listen without judgement
  • Pay attention to the different levels of expression
  • Listen without concentrating on what one will say next

Intentional speaking

  • Express your experiences, thoughts, and feelings
  • Listen actively to yourself, your thoughts, and feelings
  • Remain free of selfish motivations when sharing the truth

Introduction to Spiritual Conversation by Fr. John Dardis, S.J.

Short document about the method of Spiritual Conversations

Comprehensive article about the method of Spiritual Conversations

Guidelines for Spiritual Conversation


“The conviction that God is acting in history and is constantly communicating with human beings is the assumption on which our efforts to discern in common are based. For this reason, we should seek out those conditions which allow us to hear the Holy Spirit and be guided by Him in our life-mission.”

Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ.

There will be two rounds of sharing and discernment here, and in every round each participant will be given five to ten  minutes to share. The designated timer is requested to remind each speaker about the time.

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Second round
Reflective Sharing


  • What did you hear during the First Round?
  • Were you struck by a common theme?
  • Was there something that you expected but did not hear?


  • Where did you experience harmony/dissonance with the others as they shared?
  • What emotions are you feeling now?
  • What insights have occurred to you?
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Third round

Consensus and discussion

  • What spiritual movements can we recognize from the two rounds of sharing?
  • Are there emerging consensus points?
  • What next steps are we being asked to take?
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Prayer of Thanksgiving
Individual prayer for confirmation

  • To close the process, each one may express a prayer of thanksgiving

Official letter by Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ on Discernment in Common

Article by Former Fr. General Alfonso Nicolás, SJ about Common Apostolic Discernment


Sunny Jacob, SJ shares his views on the UAPs

When suitable and desired, you may proceed with the Apostolic Planning to discern and define apostolic strategies and specific actions for your school.

In this additional page you will find a simple guide to conduct Apostolic Planning for your institution using Discernment in Common in light of the Universal Apostolic Preferences.


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