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Apostolic Discernment in Common

Ignatian Spirituality

By Josep M. Rambla; Josep M. Lozano
Apr 14th, 2020

“For some fifty years now, Jesuits and those close to them (retreatants, collaborators, members of Christian Life Communities, etc.) have increased their awareness of the importance of discernment, and especially discernment in common. Since some people may think that such discernment is a particularly Jesuit practice or something merely circumstantial, it is good to stress that discernment, as Father Kolvenbach reminds us, is an essential aspect of Christian life that has its roots in New Testament teachings. It is true, nonetheless, that Ignatius was especially gifted in the charism of discernment and that he presented the Spiritual Exercises as a school of discernment. In our present day, both the unprecedented challenges with which the Church must deal and the keen evangelical sensibility of Pope Francis, who is a Jesuit, impel us to undertake this evangelical task. Pope Francis himself has asked Jesuits to help initiate processes of discernment in the Church, and most especially in the training of priests.”