Educate Magis Site Update

By Mark Cummins
Sep 14th, 2016

A lot has been going on with the development of Educate Magis over the last few months and we have been working hard to improve the site in many ways. The last few months have seen us focus on stability and under the hood adjustments to help improve performance, security, stability and scalability.

Resource Collections:

We have added resource collections which acts as a hub for different resource types. It allows us to group different resource types on a particular topic together in one place (videos, keynotes, documents etc.). For example, see this great collection on SIPEI which includes 10 documents, 1 keynote, 5 videos and 3 blogs.

Library & Media:

Members of Educate Magis can now upload media to their profile and their groups. Members can also post media to their activity stream. From your profile page, click ‘library’ to add different types of media files, or click library from within a group. Media is automatically sorted into pictures, music and documents but you can create folders to group different media types together.

You can also like and comment on media. We are really looking forward to seeing what great content our members will share with each other.

Other Updates:

We have updated how emails are handled on the site. Most of our emails are now being sent in English, Spanish and French. You can set your preferred language by updating your profile. We are also using a more reliable and scalable platform for sending emails.

We have also added more options for our printable map. The large map can now be downloaded in multiple formats (PDF, PNG, Adobe Illustrator, EPS).

We have been working on site speed and performance by adjusting the way Educate Magis is translated, compressing images and also compressing and minifying scripts. We have also moved to https2 and hope to upgrade to php7 by the end of the year. It should all lead to faster loading times.

As the site is being actively developed and maintained, there are a lot of code changes. Even in the last couple of weeks, there have been over 200, 000 lines of code modified as new features are added and old features get removed. We are always trying to balance development with stability and have recently introduced automated testing to make it easier to test our site and to find issues before we release new updates on the site.

We will keep you up to date on all the site updates as they happen. If you have any questions or comments on these updates please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!