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SIPEI Seminar – Manresa

Global Gatherings

By Gellért Merza
Aug 25th, 2014

The SIPEI Seminar Collection makes resources accessible by gathering them in one place. 

The SIPEI (International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality)—celebrated in Manresa, Spain, in 2014—focused on the four C’s as the pillars and background for Jesuit Education, thus the seminar provided a unique opportunity to discuss, in depth, the meaning of each one of the four C’s and their implications for defining Jesuit/Ignatian education/pedagogy today.

SIPEI: Vision Statement

SIPEI - International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality, 2014 Read

committed person

SIPEI: Committed Person

Joseph Carver, 2014

SIPEI: Compassionate Person

Peter McVerry, 2014

SIPEI: Competent Person

Monserrat del Pozo, 2014

SIPEI: Person of Conscience

George Nedumattam, 2014

SIPEI Seminar – Manresa

Jesús Avila, 2020