The 2021 Jesuit Global Network of Schools Map is Available

To be able to find our way to a new and unknown destination we use maps, and preferably recent ones.  Maps of the world are being updated regularly with new information, to capture the changes to help us guide to our destinations. Similarly, the Jesuit Global Network of Schools Map is a living map that is updated yearly with new information about the schools around the world.

The Jesuit Global Network of Schools Map presents the six Jesuit Education Networks of the Jesuit Conferences worldwide. The school lists are shown by Countries and in some cases also by Jesuit Provinces. Provinces are shown for the Jesuit Schools Network – North America (JSN) and the Jesuit Educational Association of South Asia (JEASA). Jesuit Provinces change their administrative but also geographical borders and along with it the lists of schools that belong to them also change (e.g. in the JSN in the USA, the Maryland and USA Northeast Provinces of the Society of Jesus canonically came together in 2020 to form a new, single province—the USA East Province; in India Chennai Province is new province formed in 2019, comprising four Jesuit schools, who previously were part of Madurai Province). These are just two examples to show that the Jesuit Schools Map is not only a collection of numbers and lists, but a living document that both captures a moment in time (the 2021 reality) and the changes that took place in the different school networks of the Conferences of the Society of Jesus worldwide.

Next to the changes to the school lists, on the 2021 Global Map some other changes are also to be discovered, such as the title logo of the Global Map and the new additions, the OIEC logo and the QR code for the infographic «Jesuit Education – An Integrated Perspective».

The new logo of the Jesuit Global Network of Schools expresses a common identity of the schools and school networks involved in Jesuit secondary and pre-secondary education worldwide.

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is an Associate Member of The International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC). OIEC is an international Catholic organization that aims to participate in the Church’s mission to promote a worldwide Catholic-inspired educational project that aims to collaborate with the bodies of the universal Church, with the Episcopal conferences and other international Catholic education organizations. For more information on OIEC please click here.

The Global Map includes a new QR code that contains a link to the infographic «Jesuit Education – An Integrated Perspective». This infographic presents an integrated perspective on the most important recent documents that shape Jesuit Education today that help us capture the contemporary understanding of the holistic education offered by Jesuit schools.

To view and download the new Printable Global Maps, please follow this link: 2021 Jesuit Global Network of Schools Map