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G12 – L5: Doing good – catalyzing local

Global Citizenship, Global Citizenship - General
Oct 6th, 2017

Some of the most pressing socio-economic problems that the world is facing today, such as rising inequality, climate change and terrorism, to name a few, require the next generation to understand and tackle these issues from a multi-faceted approach. It is therefore imperative that students graduating from school not only develop a deep understanding of the core issues that are fueling these crises, but are also equipped with the correct mindset and skill set to create localized solutions to these challenges. The first step would be to help the students gain a deeper understanding of their own strengths, passion and skills,which would allow them to craft a concrete path towards solving the issues that they feel the strongest about. It is also pertinent to instill in the students the realisation that they cannot fix everything, and that progress in the real world is often defined by small, incremental steps towards a much larger goal that only comes to fruition in the long run. Thus, the students would be encouraged to think about novel solutions for problems that their local communities face, and how to scale the impact of these solutions. Teachers are encouraged to redesign the lesson in whatever way better serves the context and particular characteristics of the students in their classes.

English 16-18 YRS Politics Social Studies Making Change

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