So far 2023 has proven to be very exciting, reflective, and rich in learning for our global community at Educate Magis

So far, 2023 has proved to be very exciting, reflective, and rich in learning. From the beginning of this year until June, significant milestones have taken place. We have shared important announcements, have been enriched by deep spiritual moments, and learned together by participating in unique Ignatian learning experiences. It is wonderful to see how in our global community we have had the opportunity to learn, teach, and collaborate in different ways with colleagues from all over the world.

Let’s revive some of these exciting moments. Here are some highlights that we hope you will find interesting and fun to read and know about!

Updates and new integrations to our Educate Magis Platform

  • Global Identifiers Integration: At the beginning of the year, using the “An Integrated (Holistic) Perspective” infographic, our Educate Magis team in Galway ventured on a project to study, reflect on, and discern how the Global Identifiers can be present across our community’s platform as a way to enrich the understanding of the Global Identifiers as an intrinsic part of the global dimension of our Jesuit schools. The fruits of this reflective work are visible on different banners in our Educate Magis platform. You can check out some examples of this integration here
  • Ignatian Practices online: Another important integration of the 10 Global Identifiers into the Educate Magis platform was through the FLACSI Teaching Laboratories on May 25th, which promotes awareness and the need to write teaching experiences for teachers using the 10 Global Identifiers as a framework. The FLACSI team together with the Educate Magis team in Galway worked to bring these important Ignatian practices online. To learn more about the result of this collaboration visit this page
  • Updates to the Educate Magis Group Tool: After months of considered analysis of the feedback received from different members of our global community, we released new and exciting updates to the Educate Magis Group Tool. From new folder creation and sorting, to easier ways of inviting colleagues and scheduling meetings for your groups, the new features facilitate working together on projects that span a wide range of educational topics. To read more about this and other enhancements to this important tool please visit this page


Important Announcements for our Global Community


Spiritual Experiences with our Global Community


Global Cohort Courses and Webinars for our Global Community


Global Series and Reflections for our Global Community

During the first half of 2023, Fr. José Mesa SJ in collaboration with Educate Magis made available more articles to keep igniting sparks of knowledge in teachers new to Jesuit education. So far there have been 12 articles shared as part of the Global Series for Teachers New to Jesuit Education. Check out the wide range of topics on Jesuit Education in this series here .

If you are looking for some inspiration to bring new ideas to your classroom or just for your own personal and professional growth, we recomend the following content that has been shared during the first half of 2023 by members of our global community.


Global Connected Classes for Students in our Global Network

Some of the online global Connected Classrooms experiences that students of our Jesuit Global Network of Schools have enjoyed so far this year are:

  • “What does our future hold?” Created by Cristina Pellegrino, an English teacher and Global Citizenship coordinator at St. Ignatius College in Messina, Italy.
  • My place and action in Creation”. Created by Guillermina Velázquez, a teacher at “Instituto Oriente” in Mexico.
  • Getting to know each other in the world”. Created by David Chamorro, English teacher and Head of Foreign Affairs at “Colegio San Ignacio Alonso Ovalle” school in Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  • “Connection with global business affairs experts”. Created by David Chamorro, English teacher and Head of Foreign Affairs at “Colegio San Ignacio Alonso Ovalle” school in Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  • Magis Education with Minecraft Education Edition”. Created by Jose Felix Falgui, English teacher at “Ateneo de Manila Grade School and High School” in the Philippines.

We are thankful for all the amazing global learning, teaching and collaboration that has been happening amongst members of our global community so far in 2023.

Let’s continue forging this path to global Ignatian sharing and learning, together!