On 22 March 2023 we unveiled the reflective work we carried out at the Galway headquarters of Educate Magis, to study how the 10 Global Identifiers of Jesuit Schools are present and practised in the context of our global community.

This reflective work is visible from today, on the banners of the main pages of our platform, through the visual integration of the infographic “An Integrated (Holistic) Perspective”. This integration displays the infographic in its interactive version, whereby educators in our global community can click to view selected global identifiers with their related quotes.

We invite you to see some of the pages where we have integrated the infographic “An Integral Perspective” in its interactive version.

We hope that our integration experience and the visual application available on the platform will support your own study, reflection, and discernment on how global identifiers are present and practised in your school.