Introducing “Get Involved”, a page to know why, who, and how to get involved in Educate Magis, our global community!

We are delighted to present “Get Involved”, a new page that will help you learn and explain why, who, and how to get involved in the global community of Educate Magis.

Educate Magis is a vibrant global community that connects educators from our Jesuit Global Network of Schools (JGNS). Together, we are “transcending boundaries and borders, to open a new way of proceeding for our schools in service of the Jesuit mission: companions of reconciliation and justice – with God, within humanity and with creation (GC 36 Decree #1).” (Text taken from the Educate Magis Mission)

The “Get Involved” page is divided into 4 sections, which are easy to navigate.

  • The 1st section introduces you to our global community with a video that showcases our achievements so far.
  • The 2nd section will help you explain why we get involved as members of Educate Magis.
  • The 3rd section unfolds the flexible nature of the levels of participation.
  • The 4th section shows examples of how we can get involved as Educate Magis members, taking into account different needs and contexts.



At the bottom of the page, you will find an animated video, which will serve as a reinforcement to show the levels of participation in a nutshell.

Check out the “Get Involved” page here!

The “Get Involved” page is also a great resource to explain Educate Magis to your peers. Here is a guide with some suggested steps to help you use this page as a presentation in your school! Just follow the steps and you are all set to invite and guide your colleagues on how to be part of a global Educate community that strives for the Magis!

If you have questions or need help presenting please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box below or sending an email to