Global collaboration and online international exchanges continued to grow in our global community in 2021. It’s been six years since Educate Magis was first established as the online community for educators in our Jesuit Global Network of Schools. During these years many successful global experiences have been organized and shared by teachers and students alike.

For the creation of successful global experiences teachers in our global community have reached out to one another and committed some of their precious time to meet, converse and develop new creative projects. We are delighted to see that many of these exchanges have been developed with the help of our Global Conversations tool available to all members in our community through our Educate Magis platform. This tool is a private forum where educators from Jesuit schools share new ideas, encourage global initiatives,  propose school projects, and also engage in global Ignatian reflections.

During 2021, educators enjoyed global reflective sharing through conversations focused on what the Ignatian Year means to each one of us, and how God is calling us to grow through Ignatian Spirituality. Another global sharing was seen through conversations where teachers were looking for new ideas and new resources for global initiatives and school projects, for example, to develop parent retreats, to create a relationship that cultivates cultural awareness to help students broaden their understanding of the world, to express what interculturality means to us, and many more.

Additionally, our global community had the unique opportunity to contribute by sharing opinions and comments to the reflection questions provided during the II Colloquium JESEDU-Global2021, this was a purely online global event, the first of its kind for our Jesuit Global Network of Schools. Leadership teams from our schools and all members of our global community were invited to participate in the asynchronous Reflection Modules by watching the pre-recorded Keynote Addresses and to engage in the online global conversations prepared after each keynote for the four strands: Educating For Faith, Educating for Depth,  Educating for Reconciliation, and Educating for Global Citizenship.

It is thanks to these and other global conversations that our global community has been able to develop numerous creative learning opportunities.

Here are the top 10 global conversations in 2021. Some of these conversations are still ongoing, so feel free to participate and/or create your own.

  1. What does the Ignatian Year mean to you? 
  2. How is God calling you to grow through Ignatian Spirituality? Personally, spiritually, or professionally?
  3. Share one or two ideas for: Educating For Faith, Educating for Depth, Educating for Reconciliation, and Educating for Global Citizenship.
  4. School Parent Spirituality
  5. Interculturality in Jesuit Schools – what is it and is it important?
  6. Parent Retreat/Spirituality
  7. Matemáticas divertidas: Evidenciando lo aprendido
  8. Skype pals?
  9. Thanksgiving project
  10. Welcome!