Voici « Impliquez-vous », une page pour savoir pourquoi, qui et comment s’impliquer dans Educate Magis, notre communauté mondiale !

Human life is very complex and so are its thoughts. There are many moments in life where clarity seems distant and one is over-whelmed with the situation at hand. Further, overtime, such things keep piling up like a stack of rusted papers with limited escape for the person sitting underneath. Understanding these complexities of our lives, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the patron saint of the Jesuits, in the 16th century, introduced a spiritual tool in the life of a Jesuit – ‘Self-Examen’.

As our School Principal Fr. John Ravi S.J. says, St. Ignatius wanted every Jesuit to be in touch with himself and all that is happening within and around him. It is a way of reviewing the day with God with the intent of examining our need for forgiveness and healing, reconciliation and recommitment as it is only through self-awareness and self-consciousness that genuine growth takes place in a human being. Self-Examen is Examen of the Consciousness, a way to discern the soul to be but better.”

This spiritual tool of Self-Examen takes life in the campus of St. Xavier’s School, Nevta every day and helps the students as well as the staff members to sense the real rhythm of their souls. By means of Self-Examen the students go on a profound inner journey of self- reflection to search their soul- the divine within, churn their consciousness and build the inner world to connect better with the outer world and finally seek answers to many questions that remain unanswered like:

  • Am I doing what I really want to do?
  • When I am living, what am I giving?
  • Am I honest, true to myself and others?
  • Do I believe in myself?
  • Am I a good and a true human being?
  • and finally seek an answer to – ‘Who am I?’

Self-Examen sessions have been woven into the school curriculum for a duration of ten minutes every day and we have been running them for the last three months now. Beginning with simple breathing exercises, this journey is steered by a teacher guide every day to bring new reflections and experiences. We conduct ‘Examen’ from the Principal’s office via PA System and it is supported by soft music and mantras.

“Google can answer most questions but for some, we need to google our own soul- ask our own selves.”

Musing and meditation like this helps children overcome the fear of never understanding their own selves and to live a more empowered life where JOY becomes a natural state of being than something we occasionally stumble upon. It fetches in clarity and helps them release old distempered thoughts, wounds and emotions and finally uncover and unwrap their own being. ‘Self-Examen’ helps anchor peace in their hearts, nourishes their being and their value structure.

Simultaneously, Self-Examen takes the children away from the beaten track, helps them realize numerous directions that lie latent inside them, helps them realize their true potential and supports them to GROW STRONG AND DEEP ROOTS to weather the most difficult storms of life which, to them (those who Self-Examen) might seem just a blow of strong wind than a storm that devastates their being and existence.

Thus, our aim to make our children participants in their life’s unfolding, where the soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals, is manifesting with time.

Our soul is an ever beautiful and blissful garden. What we sow, grows and makes us what we are, to ourselves and to the world. We wish to make our children gardeners of their own souls; guide them to touch, feel and play with the yet not touched soil of their heart and soul; sow seeds of love, compassion, consciousness, gratitude and resilience; see their own selves, their own beings blossom to become complete beings and spread their fragrance and joy to the world.

A billion praises and admirations to St. Ignatius of Loyola whose spiritual tool SELF-EXAMEN helps our children:

  • to Cerebrate to Celebrate the Gift of Life
  • to help them shift from BEING A HUMAN BEING TO BEING HUMAN, for the greater glory of GOD.