Magis Americas launched their back-to-school campaign, La Silla Roja, on September 15th. La Silla Roja is a yearly global citizenship education campaign that uses a red chair as a symbol for the right to quality and inclusive education for the over 260 million children and youth worldwide who are still out of school, highlighting the impact a lack of access to education has on personal and communal development.

In 2021, the theme for La Silla Roja is A Promise to Education because education is a promise for opportunity, a promise for agency and independence, and a promise to contribute to the creation of more just and equitable societies. After another year filled with challenges around guaranteeing quality education due to the pandemic, natural disasters, migration, and humanitarian crisis, A Promise to Education, aims to take us back to the basics and guide students in reflecting on the importance of education. The campaign will incentivise students to think about the essential elements necessary for building environments where education is accessible, explore the realities of different communities and what they have done to overcome challenges in guaranteeing access to education, and invite them to answer the question: what can you do as a global citizen?

This campaign will be structured as a challenge to be completed in three phases, either online or in person. Each phase can be completed in 45 minutes, or one class period, and can be implemented using the challenge activity sheets. Magis Americas wants to ensure that both teachers and students can take action and participate in this campaign by recognizing their needs and contexts.

Become a part of the movement! Join Magis Ameriacs as we work towards “inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

If you are interested in making #APromise2Education, check out our website and sign up for the campaign here.