Qui Veux-tu Être ? Une Expérience Scolaire Mondiale invitant les jeunes à découvrir un chemin vers la plénitude de la vie.Participer ici
Par Jackson D´silva
Déc 21st, 2017

The boys of Class 1  celebrated  Christmas at the St.Mary´s school junior assembly hall on the evening of December 20th. All the three classes enthralled the audience with their melodious Carols which they sang as a choir, and set everyone’s feet a tapping with their groovy dances . All this was done keeping the festive spirit of Christmas in mind .

This season encourages all of us to bond together and spread love and joy all around . Our boys displayed this beautifully through their teamwork .

The evening ended with Fr. Francis Swamy sharing his thoughts and inspirational words to the audience .

Here we also share our little Marians of Class 2 performing to the “Hour of Music”. An evening filled with fun and laughter.