Les étudiants imaginant « Le Monde que le Christ Désire » Un projet de réflexion globale !

It is disheartening to know that India is battling with the dreadful second wave of Corona Pandemic. Several thousands of people have died and several others are gasping for oxygen in hospitals. As per the analysis and predictions of global medical experts, the situation in India may worsen in terms of deaths and positive cases in the weeks to come. The second wave has not spared any category of people. It has penetrated in to every strata of society. We, as Jesuits of South Asia, are trying to respond to the demands of this pandemic. Several groups of Jesuits along with their collaborators are chalking out plans and strategies to respond to the demands of this pandemic. All our educational institutions in India are closed indefinitely. Only online classes are allowed for time being. Consequently, the Secretariat of Primary & secondary education (JEA SA) has not been able to plan out concretely any activities or celebrations in our schools for the Ignatian Year. But in due course of time, we will come out with concrete plans for the entire Assistancy to have meaningful celebrations in our schools. However, a few of the provinces in the Assistancy, have planned some activities for the Ignatian Year, which we gladly share below.

Karnataka: planned activities to celebrate the Ignatian Year

a.      Have a dedicated notice board in schools where snippets from the life of Ignatius can be periodically put up

b.      Bookmarks/hand-outs containing information on Ignatian themes like Ignatian Examen/Discernment

c.       A meaningful “Ignatian Week” in the month of July, 2021

d.      Ignatian leadership Training for the staff and staff Quiz Competition both intra/inter schools level

e.      Making a flex focusing Ignatius’ conversion experience and display it in all our schools

f.      Trekking for the youth based on Ignatian pilgrimage

g.      Publishing a magazine on Ignatian themes. Special invitation to be sent to ex-Jesuits to write articles on how Ignatius and the Spiritual Exercises have influenced them.


Goa: planned activities to celebrate the Ignatian Year

a.      Display wallpaper on Ignatian Values

b.      Digital documentaries on important events in Ignatius’ life (to be uploaded once every 2-3 months on school website and Facebook Page, etc.)

c.       Special school assemblies based on Ignatian values

d.      ‘EXAMEN’ to put into practice in all our schools

e.      Prepare videos on vocation stories of eminent Jesuits of the province

f.       Regular inputs on Ignatian Autobiography to the staff and senior students

g.      Recollection for the staff (at least 2 during the Ignatian year)

h.      Group Singing Competition of Ignatian hymns

i.        Marathon/Cycling to showcase Ignatian values in the locality

j.        Inter-school poster competition on Ignatian Themes

k.       Skit- Conversion of St. Ignatius

l.        Outreach programs – Visit orphanages, Jails, Old Age Homes, Destitute Homes, etc.


Gujarat: planned activities to celebrate the Ignatian Year

a.      Inter-school quiz competition on St. Ignatius and his life

b.      Seminars/Workshops on Ignatian themes for the staff

c.       Special talks on themes like – ‘seeing all things anew in Christ’, ‘shift from self-centeredness to God-centeredness’, etc.

d.      A sort movie ‘Ignacio de Loyola’ which can be dubbed in Hindi and to be circulated to all our centres

e.      Prepare short ‘Kathas’ on Ignatius and Ignatian Themes which can be uploaded on YouTube.