Les étudiants imaginant « Le Monde que le Christ Désire » Un projet de réflexion globale !

We are in the Ignatian year. There are organised prayer services at the International, Conference, Province and Community levels. Added to these meetings, videos on Ignatius and a lot of messages on the Social Media on Ignatius are available too. However, what we miss is that the much-needed inward journey to experience the ‘Cannonball Moment’ of each of us, our communities, institutions and the Province.

Cannonball is a symbol for every Jesuit, ‘a place where purpose meets a new path; it is understanding the ‘why’ that drives everything we do as Jesuits. Life takes on a new meaning, and our purpose becomes crystal clear to us. It is a moment for every person that inspires fulfilment in all areas of his/her life.

500 years ago, while defending the citadel of Pamplona against the French, Ignatius was hit by a cannonball on May 20, 1521, sustaining a bad fracture of his right leg and damage to his left. This Cannonball caused injury changed Inigo to Ignatius.

What is your cannonball moment? What changed you in your life journey? What is the Cannonball moment in your community/family life? What transformative experience in your institutional/professional life corresponds to the Cannonball moment of Inigo (for you)?

The cannonball was a surprise to Ignatius—but a sign of the Holy Spirit working in his life.  The same Spirit is at work in us too. Recognise the work of the Spirit in you, in your family / community, and in the institution you serve. Let us make a spiritual pilgrimage as Ignatius did.

Reflect…discern…delve deeply in an inward pilgrimage…jot down your reflections. Let us document each one’s CANNONBALL MOMENT in this Ignatian year. There are abundant God-surprises in our lives but we often overlook the work of the Holy Spirit in us, in our communities/families and in our institutions.

This inward journey will help us to recognise our Cannonball moments.