Students Imagining “The World that Christ Desires” A Global Reflective Project!

St Ignatius College in Lusaka, Zambia. aims to provide academic excellence and quality education of the whole person in the Jesuit tradition. The importance of equal focus on the performance and moral character of a student is essential. Choosing St Ignatius College is an exciting and important decision for the entire family, as the high school years are incredibly formative.

At St Ignatius College we are committed to ‘educating the whole person.’ upon graduation, we want our students to go into the world more ‘open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, physically fit and committed to justice’ than they came to us. We are a talented faculty and staff, who care for our students as individuals and are committed to helping them grow in all of these areas as well as helping them discover and hone their unique vocations and talents.

St Ignatius college has streams of departments which include;

  • Mathematics Department: The department comprises of mathematics and computer studies.
  • Natural Science Department: The department comprises of integrated science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science and Agriculture Science.
  • Languages and Arts Department: The department comprises of English language, French language, Literature in language and Art and design.
  • Social Sciences: The department comprises of Geography, History, Civic Education, Religious Education, Principles of Accounts and Commerce.
  • Guidance and Counselling Department: In the quest to ‘educating the whole person’ the department is an integral of all the college departments, that feeds in the holistic of a student emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. The department supports all students in their learning progress as an individual under a program called academic learner support, it aims to foster an environment where the pupils and community feel safe, are able to build confidence and explore their learning style and hope that what they learn will transcend to the classroom in time and in its mission career guidance is at the center of the department.
  • Chaplaincy: As a Jesuit school, the chaplaincy model is derived from the characteristics of a Jesuit education. It aims to set out in a systematic and comprehensive way the eight different areas which are: encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, Personal Philosophy of life, Prayer, Worship, Socia outreach, Leadership, Involvement in the life of the church and Pastoral Care. The educational process has one common goal: the formation of a balanced person with a personally developed philosophy of life. Through workshops and retreats, our students have been encouraged to be open to growth and sharing at a deeper level.

Over 450 years ago, St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, implored his companions to, ‘go forth and set the world on fire.’ at St Ignatius college we nurture and educate young men and women to prepare them to do just that. I delight in journeying with the students through all their walks of life to help them unleash their full potential to do and be more (MAGIS)