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By Gellért Merza
Jul 20th, 2016

The diversity of Jesuit Schools becomes tangible through our colourful printed map, showcasing a sense of belonging to a rich global network transcending boundaries and borders.

We invited schools to tell their story in only 5 words. We travel the world through the lens of Jesuit schools with voices and faces expressing an inspiring story of Jesuit schools from Hong Kong and Macau through Cambodia and Nepal, across Africa and Europe, all the way to the American continents, South and North.

There are similar, often the same, words used across countries and continents expressing a common tradition speaking of a strong sense of belonging, of community, of care and responsibility striving for Magis in the form of quality and integral education.

We hear from:

  • 6 Jesuit Regions
  • 13 Countries
  • 18 Schools
  • In 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Khmer and inevitably some Latin [Magis, Cura personalis]

The written word cannot describe what these students and teachers express. Let the video speak for itself.