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At the end of June, Jesuit Schools Network (JSN) welcomed more than 400 members from across our network to Colloquium 2022: Seeing All Things New In Christ. Hosted at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles the sunshine-filled week gave Jesuit educators the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation about the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) and additional topics in Jesuit secondary and pre-secondary education. Participants gathered in several collaborative ways from prayer, reflection, and Eucharist to Ignatian Inquiry Sessions, Experiential Activities, and Spiritual Conversation.

We’re incredibly grateful for the time, efforts, and contributions of our attendees, sponsors, JSN Conference and Province staff members, and all who helped make Colloquium 2022 a successful and enlightening event. We’ve summarized the week with some statistics, reviews, and valuable resources for both participants and our wider network of Jesuit educators and staff members.

Ballona Blog Post

On the first day of Colloquium, participants chose from one of four Experiential Activities for a portion of the afternoon, including a guided tour of Ballona Discovery Park, Los Angeles’ only remaining wetland. Click here to view a recent blog post from LMU’s Center for Urban Resilience about JSN’s tour of Ballona.










“I loved the retreat theme and feel.”

Keynote Speeches Available on Educate Magis

Thank you to our four keynote speakers – Gilles Mongeau, S.J., Joanna Williams, William Parham, Ph.D., and Dustin Liu – for their engaging, informative, and inspiring speeches on each of the four Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs).

These four speeches are enriching resources not only for Colloquium participants, but also for the wider network of Jesuit educators and staff members, as they provide deeper context and perspective on the four UAPs. Videos of the presentations can be found on the Educate Magis Colloquium 2022 webpage. We invite you to visit the site to view these keynote addresses, as well as additional resources on Spiritual Conversation and the UAPs.

“The speakers were excellent, the small tables and Spiritual Conversations were excellent, the location was excellent, the organization around the UAPs was structured, organized and applicable (inspiring).”

Spiritual Conversation Themes – Coming Soon!

Each day of Colloquium, participants listened to a keynote address on one of the UAPs, then reflected and prayed personally for a half hour before partaking in Spiritual Conversation with a group of about 10 people for another 30 minutes. Broken into four stages – prayer, listening, response, and discernment – groups elected a scribe to take notes during discussions which were submitted via email at the end of each session. JSN is developing a comprehensive outline of the themes gathered from Spiritual Conversation, each correlating with a UAP. Be on the lookout for this resource which will be shared out to the wider network upon its completion.

“The practice of Spiritual Conversation was good modeling of a method that could be very helpful in the life of a school. It was also really uplifting to be together, to pray together, and to enjoy companions in the work.”



The perfect ending to the Colloquium!

Many thanks to Verbum Dei Jesuit High School for hosting the perfect ending to Colloquium 2022! From a student panel and group scavenger hunt around campus to dinner, dancing, and a whole lot of fun, we’re appreciative of their amazing hospitality and care for participants!

“Wonderful to meet fellow Jesuit educators and learn from one another.”