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Global Citizenship

Global Christmas Wishes – 6th December 2018 (Afternoon Session)

Global Citizenship

By Educate Magis Community
Dec 13th, 2018

On December 6th, the Feast of Saint Nicholas we brought together schools from around the world to celebrate and share their wishes together as a global network. In the afternoon session of the Virtual Global Christmas Prayer using Connected Classrooms the following schools participated:

  • Centre Scolaire Saint-Michel (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Colegio Berchmans (Cali, Colombia)
  • Colégio Dos Jesuitas (Juiz de Fora, Brazil)
  • Colegio Gonzaga (Maracaibo, Venezuela)
  • Fairfield Prep (Connecticut, US)
  • Fordham Prep (The Bronx in NY, US)
  • Instituto Lux, (León, Mexico)
  • St. Peter’s Prep (Jersey City, US)

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