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A Powerful Example of Communication, Solidarity and Empathy

Global Citizenship, Jesuit Education, Equality and Social Justice, Identity of Jesuit Schools, Innovation

By Gonzaga College High School
Jun 18th, 2018

On Gonzaga Ignatian Heritage Day 2018 a group of my seniors tackled an ambitious project focus on the work of JRS, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, and the plight of refugees, displaced persons, and migrants around the world – the students decided to reach out to their displaced peers in Bangladesh, Kenya, Lebanon, and Greece. With the help of JRS and UNHCR Comms Teams they we were able to put together a series of video conversations between Gonzaga students and their displaced peers. We, at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC, US are all very excited about the finished product. The entire project was conceived, launched, and landed in about 3-months.