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Teaching with other Jesuit Educators
“opens a new way of proceeding for our schools in service of the Jesuit mission: companions of reconciliation and justice – with God, within humanity and with creation (GC 36 Decree #1).”
Educate Magis Apostolic Mission.

As a member of our global community, you have access to online teaching tools and resources to facilitate teaching from an Ignatian global perspective, with fellow teachers worldwide.

Choose the Online Learning Experience that better suits your needs!


This tool is recommended for two or more teachers who are looking to connect their students to share about a common subject.


This tool is recommended for
teachers who need to teach their
students online.

“(255) It is important for our institutions to be spaces for educational investigation, true laboratories in innovation in teaching, from which we can draw new teaching methods or models.” Global Identifier #9:
Human Excellence

More Teaching Resources

These resources are recommended to use as support to teach from an Ignatian global perspective, and to assist the creation of global experiences for your students.

By preparing teaching experiences for your students with other Jesuit educators you are actively discerning how to become a Contemporary Jesuit Educator. Answering Father General Sosa’s call to ”an ongoing exercise of discernment to respond to the signs of the times and evolve Jesuit education”.
“A Living Tradition”. 2019