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Stand With Girls

30 Voices · 1 Video · Make Your Voice Heard

Over the past few years, we as a global community have been implementing the Global Red Chair Project to raise awareness and advocate for the Right to Education for All.

We have seen that the majority of people who are denied this human right are girls. One of the main reasons for this is that girls are subject to many types of violence, such as: genital mutilation, sexual violence, early marriage, exploitation and smuggling.

  • "In 2016, 264 million children and adolescents were not enrolled in school. More than half were girls."
  • "There are 76 million illiterate girls - of these 54 million live in only 9 countries."
  • "99% of the 4,5 million people who are trafficked and sexually exploited are women and girls, between 11 and 14 years old."

why it matters?

"In 2016, 264 million children and adolescents were not enrolled in school. More than half were girls."

These statistics reflect the harsh reality in which many girls are living around the world. Therefore, this year we would like to invite you to stand in solidarity with these girls. We as a global community have a chance to stand in solidarity and speak up against these injustices! Here is the project proposal…


Stand with Girls
30 Voices - 1 Video

We are calling for educators from our global community to join together with their students to speak up against violence towards girls around the world by

  • Increasing your students’ awareness of the inequality faced by millions of girls around the world.
  • Reflecting on the consequences of this reality with your students through lesson plans.
  • Encouraging your students to take action against these injustices by coming together with other students from our global network, in one video, to stand with girls!

Join us to create a powerful global video together to advocate for gender equality, to stop this violence and make sure all girls have access to education.


Step 1 - Increase Awareness

Select lesson plans and videos to use in your classroom.

Lesson Plan: What is Inequality? (5-8yrs)

Lesson Plan: Equality and Fairness (5-8 yrs)

Lesson Plan: International Day of the Girl Child (8-12yrs & 12-15yrs)

Lesson Plan: Kim’s Story – Overcoming Violence (9-12yrs)

Leson Plan: Gender and Stereotypes (16-18yrs)

Lesson Plan: Gender in Everyday Life (16-18yrs)

Lesson Plan: Global Conversations about Gender (16-18yrs)

Step 2 - Reflect

Record a short 1min video showing what your students have learned through these lesson plans.

Step 3 - Take Action

Submit your video clip by October 4th. You can submit your video using these options:

Send us the YouTube link to [email protected]

Send the video to us at [email protected] using WeTransfer


Lesson Plans: Can be implemented between March and October, depending on your academic calendar.

Videos with Reflections: Can be submitted until October 4th 2019. 

At the end of October we will release the global advocacy video including all video clips submitted by Jesuit schools around the world. This will be shared across all the regional Jesuit Education social media platforms and websites.

Do you have any questions about this project?
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