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St. Peter Canisius Minor Seminary

Jl. Mayjend Bambang Sugeng, Magelang, 56101, Indonesia

Date of Foundation: 1912

Contact: 62293326718

School Type

Secondary (e.g. 12-19 yrs)

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Head of School

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L.A. Sardi SJ


According to our historical document, our school began at May 30th, 1912. In that time, Indonesia was still under Dutch colonization. It began with our former school in Muntilan near by Magelang, called Xaverius College. It was all boys school. The school was built for local or Javanese people. The purpose was to educate Javanese boys to be teachers of our nation. It was built by Dutch missionaries and one of them was Fr Franciscus Georgius van Lith SJ. He was one of our founder. Another jesuit who was a founder was Fr Mertens SJ. In that time there were two students who wanted to be priests, they were Petrus Darmaseputra and Fransiskus Xaverius Satiman.

On the year of 1916-1920, there were ten students who were sent to the Netherlands to study Latin in Uden. But unfortunately two of them passed away because of climate difference between Java and the Netherlands. In 1922 two seminarians continued their study into noviciate in Jogjakarta. The first Society of Jesus’ noviciate was opened by Fr. Strater SJ as a rector.

In May 1925, Minor Seminary (Klein Seminarie) had just begun. It was near by St Ignatius College which is now our theologate in Jogjakarta. The course was for fresh graduates students from Holland’s Inlandse School (HIS) and Europesche Large School (ELS). In 1941, the Minor Seminary moved from Jogjakarta to Mertoyudan Megelang. The first class in the new building started at January 13th, 1941.

In 1942-1945 there was a Japanese invasion. In that time, our students were in diaspora because of war situation. The school building was used by Japanese for agricultural school. The Dutch also surrendered to Japanese.

In 1946-1948, our school buildings were used by Indonesia Government for Police Academy. And then Fr Th. van der Putten SJ got a letter from Government handing over our school to use. But some of our building were damaged because of the war. In 1952, Mgr. Albert Soegijapranata SJ (first local bishop) rebuilt and renovated some of our building and properties. Since that time, when Indonesia became independent from the Dutch, our Minor Seminary was a school that educates and became a house of formation for seminarians for many Dioceses in Indonesia.

Our students are all boys. It is a secondary school as priests candidacy. They are still free to choose what congregation or diocese they would like to join. After studying in Minor Seminary, they have to be examined by the congregation or diocese they choose.

Our Patron Saint is St. Peter Canisius. For the Dutch, the Saint was very famous because he was a Dutch Saint. All school in Java run by Dutch missionaries were named Kanisius. And for us, St Peter Canisius was also the Jesuit Saint who gave his attention to education and formation for the youth, and also for priest candidates.

Mission - Vision

Mission – 

To create community of Christ’s disciples as friends who respond to the Lord’s call joyfully.

To accompany seminarians to know, to love, and to follow Jesus Christ, to deepen spiritual life, to firm our response to God’s call, and to prepare our availability to mission in the Church and the context of society.

To provide educational and formative activities in order that seminarians can be responsible for their faith and have capabilities for gradual formation.

To accompany seminarians in a process of self-developing to be spiritually and physically healthy people, to be generous and available to serve others.

Vision –

St. Peter Canisius Minor Seminary Mertoyudan desires to be a house of formation for candidate pastors/priests of the Catholic Church who eagerly and joyfully love Jesus Christ, cultivate their intellectual competencies, and serve others generously.

Quick Facts

Our school is a place for schools gathering every 4 years. Other Jesuit schools gather together called “Temu Kolese” (Colleges Gathering) here in St. Peter Canisius Minor Seminary. We are 9 Jesuit schools in Indonesia, all secondary schools: St Peter Canisius Junior and Senior Jakarta, Gonzaga College Jakarta, Loyola College Semarang, John de Britto Jogjakarta, PIKA College Semarang (vocational school) Semarang, St. Michael College (vocational school) Surakarta, and Adhi Luhur/Le Cocq d’Armandville High School Nabire Papua. There are 8 schools in Java and 1 school in Papua.

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