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Jesuit Global Network of Schools

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South Asia – Jesuit Educational Association (JEASA)

The Jesuit Educational Association, JEA, (legal title: Jesuit Conference of India-Educational Section) was constituted in 1961 with the aim of providing Jesuits with a forum of reflection on the educational apostolate of the Society in the context of changing conditions in South Asia. All Jesuit educational institutions in South Asia are members of the JEA. The secretariat, assisted especially by the Province/Region Coordinators of Education, seeks to animate Jesuit educational institutions to a deeper understanding of the Jesuit vision in Education especially through the implementation of the Characteristics of Jesuit Education and Ignatian Pedagogy. The current JEA Secretary is Fr. Sunny Jacob S.J.  


Jesuit Residence, 225, Jor Bagh, New Delhi-110003, India

Phone: +91-11-24642862

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