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Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership: Introduction and Course Materials


There is a great range of information available about the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality, so these Lessons are intended as stepping stones and signposts towards your particular goal. They should provide direction and encourage your personal study and reflection, as your time and energy permit.

The 16 lessons presented in two modules, Module 1, Lessons 1-8 and Module 2, Lessons 9-16 will provide ready access to material that will help you to grow in confidence in their understanding of what Ignatian spirituality is, what a Jesuit organisation is, and to assist in discerning your own path therein. 


  • This is a starting point, a map and some stepping stones to assist in developing an understanding of the Jesuit and Ignatian world.
  • Available online, it will make it especially useful to those who have limited time to read or study.
  • NOT a substitute for conversations, meetings, and conferences – all of the traditional ways of experiencing Ignatian ethos and engaging with others. It provides another means of support. It can also help unite geographically dispersed groups who share similar interests or work.
  • A resource for an individual or a group.
  • The modules are designed to introduce major Ignatian themes with support material, bibliographies as well as links to other sites and support resource.
  • A number of creative presentations (using audio, text and pictures), courtesy of Ignatianspirituality.com, bring the text alive and make it an enjoyable journey.

This video features Fr. Brian Grogan SJ introducing the course on Ignatian Spirituality. 

The Ignatian Way from Irish Jesuits on Vimeo.

  • This Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality can be used in many different ways. We invite you to explore the content modules, and to get familiar with the links and resources it provides, as there is a variety of information available which we hope will suit a variety of different uses.
  • It is designed to be personal to the individual reader and in the content, as it is written, it presupposes a belief in God. We hope the content will be helpful to anyone seeking to renew or deepen their relationship with God. However, it is the perspective of the Society of Jesus that the Ignatian approach to Spirituality has much to share with believers from other faith background and with many who share similar ideals, but not the same faith dimension.
  • Whether of a different faith or holding different beliefs this course gives an opportunity to gain an insight and overview of what Ignatian spirituality offers.

Attached you will find a number of useful items to help you to begin your journey in Ignatian Spirituality. These are as follows:

  • A Bibliography
  • Decrees from General Congregation 35
  • A Glossary of terms
  • An introduction to the course by Fr. Brian Grogan, S.J.




GC35 Documents Decrees 1-6

General Congregation 35 - Decrees



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