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Teaching “Fratelli Tutti”

Global Citizenship
Feb 12th, 2021

Our world seems increasingly divided — on social, economic and political lines. In his recent encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti,” Pope Francis calls Catholics to break down these barriers through reconciliation and genuine encounter. This resource from the Jesuit Conference is designed to help high school students understand the vital teachings of “Fratelli Tutti.”

Our guide offers three distinct lesson plans for high school theology students, which are adaptable for three time frames: a one-day lesson, a three-day lesson and a five-day lesson. The one-day lesson offers an overview of the encyclical’s key themes. The three-day lesson focuses on global experiences of the pandemic, as discussed in “Fratelli Tutti.” The five-day lesson gives students the independence to research the encyclical in-depth through the theme of their choice.

Each lesson plan guides students to reflect individually and as a group on portions of the encyclical. The lessons also contain project suggestions, which will encourage students to apply what they have learned to their local communities.

We encourage classes to share their discussions and projects through our global classroom on EducateMagis. We have created a “Fratelli Tutti” group through Educate Magis. By joining the group, you and your class can engage with students around the world, sharing your projects and discussions.

To access the group go to: https://www.educatemagis.org/community/groups/fratelli-tutti-lessons-and-reflections/

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