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G6 – L3: My place in the nation

Global Citizenship, Equality and Social Justice
Oct 6th, 2017

In this lesson, students will discuss inequality in a national context, having already begun to explore their personal identity/place in the community. Specifically, they will be pushed to consider how their experiences compare to those of others in their country, how they may be different, and why. This will be accomplished through a “choose-your-own-adventure” style creative writing/performance exercise. Students will be “introduced” to three children, all hailing from different communities/regions/cultures within their country. After being given some basic facts about that child’s life, students will be broken into groups and asked to imagine/present different stages of that child’s life. After presenting to the group, students will debrief about how these children’s experiences differed from their own and reasons for those differences.

English 9-12 YRS History Language Arts Social Studies Identity & Privilege

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