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Global Citizenship Course for Students

By Ciara Beuster
May 13th, 2020

Geoff has created a modified version of the Educate Magis Global Citizenship Course for his students which uses videos, websites and other onlne materials and is suitable for distance learning. The lessons cover human rights, sustainable development goals, and responsible citizenship, and would work well in many areas of a Social Studies curriculum, and creative teachers could find a way to adapt this course to other fields too.

Geoff has kindly shared his Lesson Plan and the Powerpoint and would love to hear how you adapt this with your students!

For more information on how Geoff adapted and implemented this with his students click here. 

Source: Gonzaga College High School, Washington DC, U.S.

Author: Geoffrey Miller

English 13-15 YRS 16-18 YRS Social Studies Theology Global Citizenship Social Justice

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