Global Gatherings

“The World is Our House” – ICJSE Colloquium (2012) Keynotes

Global Gatherings
By ICJSE Keynote Speakers
Aug 26th, 2012

Jesuit secondary schools today are dedicated to forming the next generation of leaders for our church in the world. This will require training students to think globally, working collaboratively as a network of schools and exchanging ideas, strategies and practices. Many years ago the Society of Jesus recognized the necessity to build national and regional networks of Jesuit schools that encouraged collaboration between Jesuits and their lay partners. These national and regional service networks, because of the collaboration and trust that has developed, have strengthened the Jesuit mission in these regions. The goals of this collaboration is to better serve the faith, justice, and care for the environment, to build bridges between youth and their faith communities, to develop stronger Jesuit/Ignatian Apostolic communities, and to provide our students with opportunities for a truly global education.

The ICJSE (International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education) was hosted by Boston College High School from July 29 – August 2, 2012. It originated from the growing need to prepare students in Jesuit schools to actively engage with the world around them. It was supported by Father General Adolfo Nicolás and the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE).

The texts and presentations from the ICJSE Colloquium are available in our Resources section.