You Matter – Stop Child and Youth Bullying!

By Álvaro García Ruiz
Mar 5th, 2019

We invite you to participate and collaborate with “Tú Cuentas ¿Me Cuentas?” (You matter, express yourself!”) a project aimed at raising awareness and stopping violence in child and youth environments using music.

What is it?

It is a cooperative and open project that aims to serve as a prevention campaign against child and youth bullying. The main objective (of this campaign) is raising students´ awareness about the importance of making all places where they live together, especially schools, peaceful and violence-free environments. For this reason, they are the main focus and we appeal to each girl, boy and young person to assume an active role in the fight against school bullying, because looking the other way or being silent is a way of covering up for a problem that must be eradicated.

To convey this message we turn to music, a powerful tool with the capacity to make an enormous impact on students. Mag+s Group (a religious musical group) has adapted the lyrics of the song Cada Día (Every day) by the famous rock band Celtas Cortos and, together with the members of the band and some representatives of CEIP Kantic@ (Infant and Primary School Centre) have recorded the song and music video which you can watch and listen to here:

How can I participate?

The simplest way to participate in this project is to listen to, sing and analyse the song in your classroom. You can find the music video on YouTube, but you can also listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music. In order to be able to learn and rehearse the song, there is a public blog where you can find the song lyrics and scores. The song can serve as a tool to bring this problem closer to the students in Spanish speaking schools or can even be used in foreign language classes in those schools where Spanish is taught. It can also be the soundtrack or just an additional support to other related campaigns already being carried out in schools.

In addition, all resources available on the blog can be used to prepare workshops and specific awareness raising sessions with students, as well as the REA (Association for the Defence of Children and Youth) guides available. There are documents with designed activities for students of all ages.

And, above all, share your experience: photos, videos, sound recordings…Any public display will be positive, a positive step towards helping everybody to understand that violence amongst peers must disappear from all academic environments. Supporting this campaign on social networks is a way of joining it. Share your photo or video with the hashtag #tucuentasmecuentas! And send your stories, photos and videos to Educate Magis to be shared with the global community of Jesuit schools!

Who organised this project?

This project has been created by Mag+s Group from “Colegio San José de Valladolid” school (Spain), together with REA (Association for the Defence of Children and Youth) with the collaboration of Celtas Cortos and Kantic@ School in Arroyo (Valladolid).

Text written with the support of Marta Mariscal, Magdalena González, Carolina Martín y Álvaro Fernández.