Walking for Peace 2023 – Join the Initiative “Your Step Makes the Way” – The Way is Peace

Walking for Peace 2023 campaign implementation begins. In solidarity with all those who flee the horror of war and violence, and who must walk for their lives, we go out to walk for welcome and inclusion.

This is an initiative to accompany the Ukrainian population as a part of One Proposal framework.  Coordinated by the JRS and the Xavier Network, it is the response of the Society of Jesus to the ongoing horror of work and need for help those who are affected by it. Through different activities, we would like to raise awareness of the true situation in Ukraine and the current needs of refugees from this country.

The main part of the Walking for Peace proposal is to organise walks of solidarity with refugees in different parts of Europe, following a call from the Jesuit Alumni, who – due to their concern and desire to collaborate – have suggested mobilising together in the face of this current situation.

On June 17th 2023 we are holding a joint action on a European level as an act of solidarity with refugees. How can you join?

  • Take a photo of your charity walk
  • Upload it to social networks with the hashtag #WalkingForPeace
  • Send and share

All project materials (information, guidelines, and lesson plans – in 6 languages) are available here:

Walking for Peace resources

You can also read more about the initiative on the project websites:

ENGLISH: https://www.walkingforpeace.org/ 

FRENCH: https://www.marchepourlapaix.org/ 

SPANISH: https://caminosporlapaz.org/

The initiative involves several actors at the European level: JRS Europe (a network of 23 national offices + coordination from Brussels), Xavier Network (whose emergency coordination is located in Entreculturas – Spain but which involves other European countries), JECSE (European schools), ECJA (European Confederation of Jesuit Alumni).

We are especially grateful for the support of the Xavier Network and Entreculturas in the development of the campaign.