U of D Jesuit’s Academy Collects Water for Citizens of Detroit

By Jesuit Schools Network (JSN)
Mar 31st, 2016

Each year, University of Detroit Jesuit’s Academy (grades 7 and 8) participates in a Lenten Service Project focused on care for others.  This year the students collected water for citizens of the City of Detroit who have had their water shut off due to the inability to pay their bills, doing so with the belief that this is a justice issue and that everyone has a right to clean and affordable water.

During the Lenten season, they collected over 150 gallons of water and approximately 80 cases of bottled water.  They then delivered the water to St. Peter’s Water Station for distribution to residents.  The students also participated in a prayer service at St. Peter’s which included song, biblical reflections from faith-based water advocates, and a water blessing.  The experience concluded with a tour, a water art project, and a reflection on the need to uphold water as a common good rather than a commodity.