The Society of Jesus in the World 2023 – Accompanying Young People

The digital edition of the annual publication of the Society of Jesus, “Jesuits 2023” was published on June 2023. For decades, this publication has presented “The Society of Jesus in the World” in words and images. It’s a universal look… at the universal Society.

This 2023 edition has been very well received, particularly by all those involved in ministries with young people. In education at all levels but also in all kinds of non-formal educational contexts.

Here are some articles that might be of particular interest to educators in our global community.

Schools – Connected to their community and connected among themselves – International
José A. Mesa, S.J
The Global Compact on Education and young people – Latin America
Luiz Fernando Klein, S.J.
Our students are not the future… They are the present! – Latin America
Jimena Castro
“Jesuit Weeks” in schools – France
Pascal Gauderon, S.J.
JRS nurtures the potential of young talent among refugees – International
Jill Dzrewiecki; Percy Chikwela; David Holdcroft, S.J

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