The Global Red Chair Project in St. Xavier’s School Godavari, Nepal

I was wondering what project to give the students of Grade 10 in a community health. I was interested to see if these kids will be interested to do the global RED CHAIR project. I presented the project to the kids and many of them instantly got interested. I just gave them some freedom to work by themselves and use their free time to make people aware of the plight of children around the world. What they came up with and what they did with the project amazed me.

The students began by building and painting their own chairs and then decided to bring the project not only to other classes within our school but to other schools (both Jesuit and non-Jesuit) within our wider community and even shared it on the main square of our town! The creativity, dedication and perseverance of the kids made it possible to reach out to lot more people than I had thought of. I would like to present the compiled videos of what these kids did with the RED CHAIR project.