The Boston College Certificate Programme in Jesuit Studies

By Agnieszka Baran
May 10th, 2022

The Boston College Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies is inviting applications for their Certificate Programme in Jesuit Studies. It consists of five online Master’s level courses in the history, spirituality and pedagogy of the Jesuits.  These courses are geared toward faculty and staff who want to deepen their knowledge of the Jesuit tradition. Students are free to follow individual courses or do the complete the Certificate Programme of Jesuit Studies.

The Certificate consists of the following five courses:

– Jesuit Pedagogy,

– Discernment & Prayer in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius,

– History of the Jesuits,

– Social Justice in Jesuit Contexts,

– Summer Immersion Course – In the Footsteps of Leaders.

Each of our courses is fully online (with the exception of our Summer Immersion course) and essentially at your own pace with built in guidelines for timing; with most of our classes, there is a weekly module which should be completed that week, with corresponding videos, discussion topics, readings, assignments, etc. BC professors typically attempt to have some synchronous virtual meetings with students, though they are not mandatory, and recorded when possible.  The classes are small and flexible, and there tends to be a lot of interaction between the professor and students.  The classes are geared toward working professionals and most of our students are full time teachers or administrators within schools; so, we make every effort to make sure that the classes are flexible and the workload is manageable, and most find that to be the case.

More information (about the registration and fees) is available here: