The 12th Edition of BGREEN Ecological Film Festival is Here!

By Afonso Espregueira sj
Jan 4th, 2023

Bgreen ecological film festival is a grand international project which has counted on the participation of 28 countries throughout its eleven editions.

Bgreen festival consists in the production of video spots, created by students aged 13 to 21 on ecological-related issues. “License to Heal” is the inspiring motto for this year’s edition.

This way, BGREEN aims to highlight the importance of caring for and healing the wounds caused by the pandemic and the war both on the planet and on human relations. The further we move away from nature, the further we move away from the essence of humanity and contribute to an ill planet. It is urgent to break this cycle and reconnect with nature in a holistic and integrative vision.

Associated with this motto, we suggest the following subthemes that can be addressed in this year’s spots: the impact of war on the environment; the use of plastic and solutions towards its replacement; nature as a source of balance; nature as a healing element; integral ecology.

As in previous editions, this year we have two categories:

  • BGREEN JUNIOR – for students aged 13 and 14 years old (in Portugal, students attending the 8th and 9th grade or equivalent);
  • BGREEN – for youngsters aged between 15 and 21 years old (Secondary or vocational studies).

We consider BGREEN to remain a way of stimulating hope and resilience in younger people.

We await, with joy and expectation, your students’ video spots until the 21st of April, 2023. Visit Bgreen’s website for more information.